ATC’s Operation of KATL

I was annoyed at ATC’s operation at KATL. To start, runways 27R/9L and 26L/8Rare departure runways and the other threes are arrival runway. Next the outboard taxiways are for departure taxis and the inboard taxiways are for arrivals. Finally when landing on the north runway ATC should have instructed all aircraft smaller than the 767 will taxi on the Victor loop which allows aircraft to not need to cross 26L/8R. KATL is my home and airport and I want to see ran properly in the future by ATC

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While IFATC are rigorously tested and trained, there is only so much they can do.

This was on the training server.

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No, it was on Expert server

If it was on TS, then ATC are going to be practicing. Things aren’t going to be 100% realistic. TSATC/IFATC’s job is to guide aircraft to the runways and get them out of airspace as safe as possible, even if it compromises realism.

Yeah I get that but this was on Expert server

Sorry, KATL hasn’t been featured on expert in a few days, so I assumed it was TS.

In cases such as these, while it is annoying when our home airport’s procedures aren’t followed, our main job is to keep the traffic flowing as efficiently as we can.

And if I remember correctly, we were using the runway configuration you listed when ATL was featured last FNF and they were using the victor loop (to some extent).


I’m talking about the FNF. The Victor loop point is a minor one I’m mostly annoyed about the runway operations

We deal with more traffic then faced with in real life, therefore we sometimes need to deviate ops to accommodate these needs. On that day, we had hundreds of inbounds in the space of not even a few hours… therefore we might not have been using the exact runways that are used irl.


The runway operations were configured with 27R and 26L as the main departure runways with the rest having arrivals.

A few stragglers were put on a different arrival/departure runway for efficiency’s sake, but for the most part, we followed the realistic runway usage.

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I remember a topic being made regarding the use of the Victor loop. I can’t find it, as a pointer towards that IFATC do acknowledge the loop, however it is at pilots discretion whether they use it or not.

I just had this issue at KEWR on the Expert server. Now, if you ever visit there yourself, you’ll find that you’ll depart from 4L/22R and land 4R/22L. Arrivals flow and departures flow. Instead, tower had both set up for arrival/departure, which actually meant that planes were arriving into both runways and no one was departing. Thankfully we had a controller change, but this was a major oopsie.

I’m not trying to say IFATC is bad or anything, I’m saying that for FNF’s they should do some research into the proper procedures

We did research, and we used them as best as we could :)

That’s not what the ATIS told me!

What runways were being used when you flew there? I know for a fact that the 3 and a half hours I controlled there we were using the correct runways.

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This is something IFATC struggles with constantly and is something that needs to be kept in mind.


Procedures are generally looked into for IFATC, and that’s up to the controller. Referencing a quote above, sometimes they have to deviate from that pattern, because from the amount of traffic. Real world arrival procedures are quickly abandoned for new arrival procedures ideak to the controller to cope with traffic an example showing here:

^Also yes, this is mostly used for 1 runway, but this is to get the idea.

As for ground, using the victor loop for all aircraft is very difficult, and during some points of the day controllers were redirecting aircraft around the loop. It all depends on the traffic, when there was 300 inbound aircraft at a time, and a lot in the ground, a clearance and ground frequency was what they had to cope with.

I noticed 27R/9L and 26L/8R being used at all times. No departures were used on 28, or 27L I believe. 26R was possibly used throughout the day on the rare occasion sn aircraft was on the North side.

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They probably do, but they’re human and can sometimes make mistakes. Real ATC train for months or even years on end on how to control an airport, and especially when you’re controlling a busy airport like ATL, it’s difficult. I will say that in all the time that I’ve played IF, this is probably the first time that I’ve had such an occurrence, and hopefully the last time. I really doubt that IFATC deals with more traffic than real ATC, but it’s certainly more difficult for them since they’re just like us, amateurs on their phones, just with a bit more training.

We do. Much more.