ATC’s confusing and lacking instructions at times

Hey guys, I have a question…when is it safe or even feasible for you to deviate from instructions given by the ATC? …the reason why i am asking this is that I was just in a session approaching OMAA and I had just completed my arrival leg and now entering into approach. We all know that in the approach leg it’s not always a straight line in relation to the flight route, hence you have 90 degree turns. These turns at HIGH SPEED are not the best and can cause your aircraft to be completely off course. I mean its an aircraft guys not an F1 race car. They dont turn on a dim. So I’m in the approach leg and ATC tells me to speed up to 250kts, am like what? I mean I’m in approach with sharp turns, 180-200kts seems like the most appropriate speed. Now if thers’s traffic close by just ask me or that traffic to deviate to a separate heading and altitude. I did sped up…but now my turns are eratical to say the least and very very wide hence off course. To make matters worse I was never instructed to reduce speed even when i was told to contact tower. SO i asked myself when should i stop following ATCs instructions because sometimes these guys really messes up your otherwise great flight sessions.


Hey @Bparker268, I understand that experiences like these can be frustrating but it might help shooting a DM to the approach controller and asking for their side of the story.

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Was just thinking that. But my question was in terms of just playing the game. Most of us are amateurs like myself so just wanted to know in real world what would one do? Gotta go back to the replay and find that guy or gal lol


I guess it’s different IRL because you’d be able to explain why you’re unable to do so to ATC.

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True true. Here in the game the ATC guys need to remember what instructions they left you with

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Just as a reminder, once you are given a clearance for your approach (ILS/VIS/GPS), any speed restriction you have been previously given is no longer valid. If the controller wants to impose another at this stage, a “maintain 180 kts till 6nm final” (as an example) would be given.


THATS WHAT IM LOOKING FOR lol. Thanks mate. Duly noted. But the instructions was given DURING approach hence after the clearance was given. I wish I could send a voice note to really explain cause typing is rather long. Also the ATC may ask you to deviate from the flight plan filed, more than likely that would happen.

I would be very suprised if any controller asked you to speed up to 250kts after clearance when on your approach. I would look at the replay and contact the controller via DM if that is what happened.

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That’s what happened. I found it strange too.

Ayo how cool would it be if we had that vatsim server thingy where people in Microsoft speak to atc using a live frequency and they themselves talk to the tower people which are also people talking to you instead of these messeges we should do something like that where we can also talk to the atc and they can talk back to us

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In theory a great idea, but not super practical imo. First off people’s mics quality would be varied depending on their phone or headphones, and with the traffic volumes on IF it’s a lot quicker to hold down the button to reply instead of reading back a clearance.

Another issue is people not knowing how to read back properly, or just not reading back at all cuz they don’t realise it was meant for them. It would also be an issue if many people start trying to talk at the same time and clog up the frequencies, whereas what we have now is easy to track what is relevant to you and you receiving your clearances etc doesn’t affect anyone else because they get their notification sent to them as a priority.

It would be a fun idea but I don’t think it’s practical on mobile


There’s also language barriers as well as privacy and safeguarding concerns…


Right, just a thought.

Sounds great bro, I would like it too but that takes a lot from the developing team to make it happen. That would be really good tho.

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I got u bro. Same thing happened to me yesterday after a 10h flight from CDG to LAX.I missed my approach and I followed my missed approach charts then while I was holding I asked twice for retry my approach. Nobody answered to me but I was ejected. The reason « unable to communicate ». Bro is really hard sometimes

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Aw flip man. I’m so sorry especially after such a long flight. I kno the feeling bro. You know sometimes I literally choose not to fly at an airport that has traffic and ATC and all a that because you just want to enjoy the game, sad but true. I’ve done this more than once.

I get the frustration but that means there was a connection issue and ATC wasn’t receingvyour messages

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Real world you would be in approach control so no that won’t happen in real life if anything you can say unable and the controller will understand

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make sense

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In real life if you look at arrival charts there are speed restrictions on some waypoints on that arrival route so you have to be at that published speed or slower not faster.

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