ATC runway

I have question when a runway is inactive or red what command do you give the airliner that the runway is closed or to choose a different runway as an ATC

Just send a command to the active runway 😉

As an example,

Singapore 9 5 7 is requesting runway 02C which was inactive at that time, just send him “Singapore 9 5 7, taxi to runway 20R contact tower when ready”

But as @Moosehead08 explained below, this might not work on Training Server. As unfortunately not all pilots on TS would obey your instructions


If you are the ATC, you give the aircraft pattern instructions for the runway that is active or favorable. This is for when the aircraft is in the air trying to land, if they’re on the ground, read what @SingaporeAirlines mentioned above. However, on Training Server 1, you will still get people that don’t listen.


That’s the frustration that I have because even if I send them a different pattern or runway they keep resending the same instructions


If you’re experiencing this on the training server, there isn’t much you can do about it. There are loads of people flying on Ts1 that don’t know how to properly use atc commands.


Thank you for the responses appreciate it


In normal procedures, ATC will send aircraft to active runway, because aircraft are designed to preform better taking off and landing in the wind. Some airports, however, will see a deviation on procedure due to terrain. Take KASE for example. A single runway airport uses 15 for landing, and the opposite end, 33, for takeoffs, because the mountain on one side prevents takeoffs and landing on that side, but in normal operations with normal circumstances, yes, always send aircraft to the active, green, runway, when able

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If on TS1, just tell them to taxi to the correct runway. If on Expert, Ghost them for not knowing what runway is. IFATC, Don’t really Ghost them, I was joking.

However sometimes like at KASE, the airport has a giant mountain in the way so you need tot takeoff on Runway 33 or risk hitting a mountain. Also makes Going Around on Runway 15, a pain.