ATC runway assigned bug

Today I saw a bug with the aircraft strip in the menu. I had an aircraft cleared to land on runway 30R. After the clearance that same aircraft asked me to change to runway 30L and I replied unable. Even though I declined his request I saw the strip was now showing in green runway 30L instead of runway 30R that I cleared him. This can be very confusing with more traffic to parallel runways.


Thanks for the report @oscnogbal, this has been something that has been asked about in the #support topic as well in the past and hopefully is going to have a solution in the future!

It’s very annoying when controlling and having that happen, as well as easy to make the mistake to give them the wrong runway.


ive had this before when im approaching an airport, it looks like all the runways are green but when you get closer they change.

I dont mean that, I am talking about the tracking strips when controlling.

ohh ok my bad.

Well for now my temporary solution is to say unable or should I say give the unable command and then repeat either the pattern, sequence, or the runway that you had them cleared for so that it shows green with the runway that you initially wanted the pilot to land on

Why? If you say unable, the pilot knows he must continue with his original assignment. There’s no need to give another pattern/sequence/clearance.


This happened to me before but without re-clearing. It is a known bug.

We are not talking about the procedure itself, we are talking about the displayed runway in the strip.

I am aware of that. I’m just curious as to why Jeodanie suggested the procedure above.

I wasn’t so extremely busy to forget what runway he was going for so i just kept it in mind but if you have much traffic… I guess you can clear them again.

He talks about it to change again the displayed runway to the correct one. So you don’t get confused after

Could it be possible to ignore that runway number for the moment? You already know what runway he’s supposed to land on, and you can simply reclear once he’s finished with the pattern. A minor bug isn’t worth abandoning standard procedures, in my opinion.

Well if you have many aircraft in approach to parallel runways you may forget which aircraft you cleared to which runway and if you see 2 aircraft next to each other with the same runway in the strip… it is not so confortable, isnt it?

I see your point. Carry on, then. :)

Yesterday I was at socal app and gave an aircraft clearance ils for 24L. The aircraft never left the frequency but few minutes later the strip was changed to 6L. The crew didn’t asked to change runway and it was 24L since I gave that clearance.

I think you mean tower, or you cleared him for approach

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