ATC rules around military aircraft and airfields.

G’day all,
I hope I’m not repeating a previous topic but here goes.
I’m not new to infinite flight solo mode but pretty new online. I fly the F-14 as my favourite aircraft having been aircrew myself for 22 years as an observer.
My question is this, why are civilian rules applicable in the sim when operating from a military airfield? For example I received a violation the other day for taxing too fast on a military base or a speed violation for 250kts+ below FL100 while in a climb?
I understand it’s a very complex sim and it’s hard to moderate (probably answered my own question there) but it take the fun out of military flying (hence my reluctance to go online).
Just a bit of banter, I love the sim and I’m just seeking views.

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Try the Casual Server! You have free range there.

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As far as I know, you should not receive violations for over speeding under 10000 in a fighter. I assume you were flying a KC-10 or something similar?


Exactly what you said, moderating the sim is hard, if flying with more than 250kts was allowed in bases, we would see people misusing that feature, and using it to their advantage to troll other users.

There are no speed violations for fighters.


Welcome to the forum! Check out the below post giving an insight into use of fighters within iF.

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