ATC Roles

What exactly are the roles of the ATC frequencys? E.g. Centre, Departure?

Apologies if there is a tutorial page for this.


If I’m not wrong
Tower and Ground - Name says all
Approach - Vectors you to runway and will hand you off to Tower
Departure - Vector you until you are cleared to change frequency
Center - (Not sure) for flights passing through the area??? Someone correct me on this

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Ground; Responsible for the flow ground traffic (Pushback, Taxi e,t.c)

Tower; Inbound aircraft and departures, as well as any aircraft in it’s airspace (Takeoff, landing, patterns e.t.c)

Departure; Separates departing aircraft after takeoff to avoid conflict.

Approach; Vectors for an ILS approach or GLS approach, radar vectors to a destination e.t.c

Center more or less just bridges the gap between DEP & APPR to keep things nice and organised in between.


So centre basically helps both sides? Approach and departure? Like a little helper?

IRL, Center handles all traffic above FL180. :) In IF it’s a little less restrictive, but it’s an en-route station, between Departure and arrival.


Not always… our approach control handles to FL230

RL- 18,000 and higher is Center airspace.

Adding on to the Ops point I contact them at 7,000 ft. While in the 172.

So if you guys need a clear response, just think that you should contact departure outside the second ring of the airspace you’re in. Handed off the center. Then handed off to approach when you’re approaching your destination.

Ground Control: Responsible for all ground movement (including tugs, trucks, busses, etc.)

Tower Control: Responsible for air movement in the small airport airspace.

Departure Control: Responsible for spacing out aircraft and managing speed restrictions while making sure they stay on their departure course.

Center Control: Responsible for managing the airways

Approach Control: Responible to give speed restrictions, altitude, and waypoints for a final approach at the destination.

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Wrong… please site the source of your information please. And if you pulling it outta your …please stop. Quiz time what does FL180 signify in the US?

hmm, maybe I should my insight or maybe I shouldn’t. thinking face

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Do you know what’s the internet ? It’s fabulous there’s this place on the internet call Google and it would answer all your questions ! Here is the link:


Where is your FL180 reference? Do you know what FL180 signifies in the US? Hint it’s not center’s airspace.


Class A airspace?

Btw it’s just 18,000, after 18,000 you do the abbreviations.

Nice so why is that significant? And I’m still waiting on the center Reference to it.

And actually FL180 is the lowest FL as stated in the FAR 91.121.

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When you come to think about it, center doesn’t really have a set of altitudes they control. They can control from the surface up to FL600. I know for a fact that Memphis Center controls the controlled airspace around my “second” home airport.

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