ATC roleplay server interest?

I am planning on creating a roleplay dicord sever in which we roleplay ATC (not sure how to word it) In it I plan on creating a community in which people can learn real ATF procedures and create good friends. You will be able to roleplay as either ATC or aircraft. It will be a easier and more realistic place to learn ATC than the training server on IF. You will be allowed to create a a channel on the server for any airport in the world from small GA aerodromes to huge international airport like Atlanta. It will created wether there is intreast here or not this topic is manly so you can hear about it. Apply as staff by messaging me on IFC.
Please tell me if you would join this server.

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  • No

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sorryif this topic is worded badly im not sure how to describe it. Once made this invite will be on my profile on IFC

You can learn proper ATC prcedures in ATCEG😉


then would it be like a new IF ATC server?
Is that what you are saying?
If so, then I like the idea
I think more or less is this not?

No Need to send the same link twice😉

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it’s true I did not realize thank you!

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So its text based roleplay?
How is that more realistic than ATC on training server - I’m failing to see how it would help people that want to be come IFATC in the future.

What’s your plans on moderation?
For example if a troll is being a troll?

How do you make sure proper procedures are followed?

Do you pause the roleplay to correct a mistake?

I think it’s better for noobies in ATC to learn from training server and learn in real time as opposed to the chat idea - if they want to become ATC one day they’re going to need the atc operations count so they can take the tests.


It will have voice thats the joy of discord

I will expand on making the idea better when I get time

I was thinking of something totally different when I clicked on this topic.

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So from all my questions that’s the only answer?

How will you control what’s said?

We have a pretty large community under the ages of 18 and at least here there is some type of safety with moderation and community members.

*Not to burst your bubble - but if you haven’t thought this through with a solid plan of attack why make a topic?

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Do you mean something like IFATS?


He essentially wants to roleplay as ATC on a chat app instead of on Infinite Flight…

Oh, so like IFATS?
Or less realistic?

Nothing like IFATS

How is it nothing like IFATS?
IFATS does ATC over Discord…

Because the pilots wont be on the casual server- with IFATS there is some level of connection with infinite flight because their pilots and ATC are actively on the casual server helping people via discord - with this idea it doesnt sound like any of that.

@AndroidPilot Can you explain more?

@AsternAviation Be patient and read carefully 😉 The OP will explain when he got time.

I’ve read everything twice :)

Wasn’t sure if that addressed my question.

Edit: As @ServerGhost said. He’s asking for an opinion too on if it’d be a good idea, some more information would be best.

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If it hasn’t been properly compiled and rushed why make a topic though?

Isn’t the forum supposed to be constructed to have quality over quantity?