ATC Requests not being received by controller

Hi there,

I have had an issue today when I spawn in, pushback approved by controller then no taxi or departure requests seem to go through to the controller, despite them appearing on my side (after I send them of course).

This has happened with 3 different controllers and I have restarted my app and device 5 times, the issue persists.

Any ideas? Cheers.

Device: iPhone 15 Pro MAX
Operating system: IOS

Anyone who can help with this?

Hey! Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the ATC.

First question is if you’re flying on the expert server.

Then do you have a robust internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data)? IF requires a good or even great connection for its online services.

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I was using mobile data but it was 5G with full bars. Never had any issues before with mobile data.

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