ATC requests approach; not selectable

Recently I flew to Glasgow, EGPF, down one of the advised STARs. ATC wants my approach request but I cant select EGPF in the ATC menu, neither can I select “unable” somewhere. Seriously doubt whether this could be resolved by “checking the user guide”…

Any thoughts?

How far you were out of EGPF?

Do you have a flight plan filed which ends at Glasgow?

You have to have Glasgow included in your FPL.

Yes I think I did have that. Looking at the map EGPF was about as far as all the other airports listed in the ATC window…

Was also wondering where the ‘Fayette Co’ came from, since I cant seem to link it to EGPF

The thing is, when you have your destination airport in your FPL:
You can request an approach at RJTT at the LAX departure Freq.

@Dcibarnaby Yes as mentioned above for glasgow to appear further out, it needs to be in your fpl. (STARs don’t include the airport itself in the fpl so you need to enter it yourself.)

As for Fayette co - that’s an airport in Ohio and I’m assuming that was a small glitch or ATC error

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After reading all the suggestions about the destination in the flightplan… Im usually firm on doing this however I cant review this in the replay, so I must have screwed this up… Thanks for the fast replies!

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That’s the solution. When I can’t select the approach just add your destination airport to the flight plan, tune out of the approach frequency and tune in again.


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