ATC Requesting Thread | Training Server

It seems that there is a large amount of people requesting ATC, so why not do it in a handy thread?

How to request:

Airport you want ATC to provide
Frequency (approach, tower, ground, etc.)
Server (TS1)

Hope this makes things easier!



Fantastic idea, I like it!

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Count as duplicate? Global ATC Thread

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I would take Expert out of it. Expert already has a schedule and if pilots would actually file a flight plan then controllers can tell where the need is.


I think that’s for notifying, not requesting.

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I already have :)

Maybe a separate thread for expert?

Expert ATC has an established system already… So no.

Maybe a separate thread for expert?

No. I am saying there is no need for an expert thread. Controllers will not open and close just for one plane. We have a schedule with airports/region/country that we stick to. We try to spread out but if we can see that there is a demand for an airport from the flight plans we will use that.

For TS1 I suggest people get into the habit of filing a plan and controllers staff where the need is.

Plus as Hawaii pointed out, this was the whole purpose of this thread.


Okay. I will not create a separate tread.

Great idea! But it looks like @Thunderbolt_78 has already created a thread with a very similar purpose…

Please use the existing global atc thread for posting requests.