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I use Vnav on a regular basis when flying live however, I am some issues with this.

When filing my flight plan I will select my destination airport and use the ILS and Approach settings to set a route. If I take off from London Heathrow to Dublin I am usually asked by London Centre to say intentions however, when I go to select request departure the option is greyed out and says no destination selected on flight plan?

I’ve selected Dublin and set my way points and Approach so why is this happening? When on ATC myself I see aircraft with a line going directly to their destination plus their way points?

I’ve tired to do this but it keeps replacing one or the another and therefore if I have way points selected and cannot request departure or flight following to Dublin?


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Hey there, welcome back!

Make sure you have the airport as your final fix in your FPL. In your case after filing your STAR and Approach, click EIDW and then the white plus next to it, which sets it as your destination.

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That makes sense, I take I’ll need to diable Lnav as the aircraft will follow the way point directly to the EIDW Marker?

I sometimes usw Lnav until a few hundred feet off the runway just to keep the aircraft stabe, rather than APPR

I also seen an update on Aicraft lights, I usually switch off landing lights at 10,000+ then back on again at 10,000 or below? I see the update states landing light on during approach which would be approx 6,000 and below.

Which server were you flying on, training or the expert server?

Yes it is possible that the approach way points may end earlier. To fix this if you want to keep A/P on you can either add more waypoints, fly an ILS approach if the runway is equipped, or take off LNAV but keep your same heading to the runway.

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Training Server Grade 2

I was grade 3 many months ago but due to work and family etc I took a break for a few months so only getting back to it now. I also fly GA in my spare time but I don’t fly Instrument at present, All VFR and hands on.

The controllers on that server are learning, in that instance though, had you not said anything after tuning in for a certain amount of time they were fine to ask for your intentions. Simply check in if you’re IFR via the ATC menu then the Center controller would say radar contact. If you’re VFR request flight following. You’d then be able to follow your flight plan. Once you’re approaching the airport you can request a specific service at your destination airport if you want, or just continue in with flight following.


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