ATC Request

Hey guys! This is just a temporary post that will be taken down in a few hours. But, I am in need of ATC soon.

ATC Needed:

Airport: KSFO
When: 2h30m from now (~1:10pm CTZ)
Server: Expert
ATC: ATIS, Ground, Tower
Aircraft: Turkish A350-900 from Istanbul

If you could, please notify me.

American321 😎

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do u have discord?

Yes I sure do.

on IF’s discord, u should be able to find more luck at getting ifatc to participate

Okay, I will look into it. Thanks!


As you may or may not be aware that IFATC is a group of volunteers that have no obligation to control at certain times or events (unless in rare circumstances). That being said, IFATC does not take requests to control for certain aircraft. Understand that Class B have minimum control time of 1 hour. If you are interested in IFATC staffing an airport, consider making an event.

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Hello! I appreciate the response.

Just to clear some things up, I don’t need more than 1 hour of ATC. It is just ATC for me, not an event. I am flying from LFTM-KSFO. I was only requesting ATC for me, not for an event. I was requesting ATC just to make things more realistic. I hope I cleared up any concerns that you had.


Thing is, there’s a rule that say an IFATC controller must stay active for at least an hour when controlling a Class B airspace. Otherwise, pilots would start planning flights expecting ATC, only for them to log off after controlling for 10 minutes, which would get irritating to have controllers popping up everywhere for short periods of time (I think that’s why anyway). In other words, they can’t just come on for one aircraft, they have to plan to stay open for at least an hour.

Ohhh, I see. Thanks for making it make sense for me. Nice to know new news. Appreciate it. Im about and our out anyways. Cant wait to long this long haul plane!!

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