ATC request

Hello everyone,
My friend is doing a flight from KSFO to RJTT, and he would really like ATC at RJTT when he arrives. He is arriving in less than an hour, and his callsign is Airbus 477. Please respond soon!
(keep in mind this is not for me, he is just my friend.)

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Hi there!

The following topic would be the best place to post (provided this is the training server). Hope your friend is able to get ATC!


Thanks for telling me, this is the first time I have requested ATC. Do you want to be ATC for my friend?

Unfortunately, IFATC controllers are not permitted to open on the training server (with a few exceptions). I’d be happy to see if any fellow VA members are able to lend a hand, though. :)

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Thank you for reaching out. One question. I see the abbreviation IFATC all over the community, but I have no idea what it means. Could you please tell me?

Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control. We’re the controllers on the expert server, ones who have been thoroughly tested and know what we’re doing. I hope this clears it up, please do ask if you have further questions!

Thanks so much for telling me, I appreciate you telling me. Could you get back to me soon about the ATC? thanks :)

In the meantime, you could always post it on the thread mentioned above!

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Wait IFATC can’t control on the training server?

For training sessions, yes, but otherwise, no. :)


Meaning when I become IFATC I can still control on the training if I felt like it but no ATC tracking threads?

No. When you are IFATC you aren’t allowed to control on the Training Server full stop. Unless you are being trained by IFATC yourself for stuff such as radar, which is what controllers do later on in their IFATC journey.


Why would you want to? The expert server is the best!

Until you get ghosted…


I’m ground and tower right now. I’ll be sure to control your friend.

I’m sorry but he already landed at Tokyo but he is doing a flight from KSFO to WSSS in 5 minutes and maybe you could be ground or tower for him?

Sure thing

Thanks so much!

My callsign is singapore 477 Heavy

Why is that?

You’ll learn once you pass your practical and become part of IFATC. Keep up the hard work and continue to progress at your sessions!