ATC Request : Wait controller reply to a message before receive another

Actual example:

  • {plane}, requesting pushback (Pilot>ATC)
  • {another plane}
  • Taxi to runway 23, {another plane} (ATC>Pilot)
  • Pushback approved, {plane} (ATC>Pilot)

I submit

First plane : “planefirst, request pushback”
Second plane : after select a request, little message display like “Sent!” and after ATC responds to first plane, the request of the second plane automatically launched.

Avoid stress and multiple messages in the same time.

Can block the traffic and the requests if controller not responding immediatly.

I know, that’s a little hard… And not very like the real world…


This is a great idea conceptually. The thing is, though, since we use AI for ATC voice, it wouldn’t really be so efficient, as they can be slow readers at times. Additionally, the reason for the delay in controller replies in the real world is for purposes of organization and reducing confusion. In Infinite Flight, it’s a breeze to keep track of ATC messages, both from the tools at hand for an Air Traffic Controller, along with the Pilot.

Its a good concept, but it could lead to some transmissions being forgot about

It’s a 7 years old feature request lol, I think the ATC system have improved by the years, this request may continue to deserve consideration (or just forcing pilot to send « correction stand by » instead of spamming ATC

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It does sound like a good idea. I also notice that when I myself is doing ATC operations, I also occasionally tap the wrong message by accident and making errors by spamming messages, need help with that too

I do think this is a good idea, but I think the controller should have an option to bypass that if it’s a busy airport/airspace