ATC Request Service for Expert Server?

I saw that there was one of these for training server, but not expert server. I know it was this way because of the ATC Schedule, but now that we have regions instead, will it be possible to have one for the expert server?
Also, not sure if this should be General or Meta, but I’ll keep it in general for now


This would be hard to do. Because as far as I know IFATC can only request to change their airport once every 30 days. They’ll probably have 1-2 free switches but I doubt they’d use it for a request.

It would be better to here this from an IFATC member, but I think I’m pretty accurate.


Its on the expert server not training server

Oh ok, I didn’t realize that it was only one airport at a time they could control. Thanks!

@Marquatzi @AlaskaAirFan Its the region they can’t change for 30 days - but they can choose any airport in that region.

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I pulled this from Tyler’s post.

“ IFATC members may request assignment in any region of the world, regardless of their own physical location, and must complete 30 days in that region before they’re eligible to transfer to a new region. There will be no limitations on transfers (if eligible), number of members per region, or what frequencies are staffed within those regions if the controller holds the appropriate rank for that frequency. A controller assigned to a region will never be asked to relocate and may stay in their local or preferred region permanently! Controllers will be exempt from the region assignments every Tuesday and Friday as we offer the freedom to open anywhere in the world on Tuesdays and support the official Friday Night Flight (FNF) on Fridays.”


Yep I posted the entire quote from the blog


I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding here, which is why the answers don’t correspond with the question (unless I’m misunderstanding).

I believe the OP is asking if it is possible to have an ATC request thread for the Expert Server, similar to that of this thread.

@AlaskaAirFan, if this is correct, I assume Tyler would need to authorize such a thing. In my honest opinion, I see no reason why this wouldn’t work - I would be happy to open an airport within my dedicated region per request.

Of course, all controllers would still subject to staffing the airport for the required amount of time (30 mins for Class Charlie and 60 mins for a Class Bravo), so that would need to be taken into consideration.


That is exactly what I was asking. Thanks!

I already brought this up internally.

If this is something that is approved, it’ll be created :)