ATC request LAX

Good afternoon, evening and night to the ATC community, my name is Corey and I am the Operations Manager over at American Vitural. AAVA has a overnight event in progress which is currently 51:06 from arrival at the time if this post. I was wondering if we could get ATC coverage at LAX, it’s about 13-14 of us enroute. TOD in 35 minutes, I do understand if no one is available though. I do appreciate your time, thanks - Corey

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Hey there! Unfortunetly ATC Service cannot be requested on Expert as that is at the controllers discretion!

Ah ok. Kevin is that you my friend?

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Hey, Corey!

I hope you and your fellow AAVA crew are having an enjoyable flight.

As highlighted by Kevin, IFATC is a group of volunteers and, unfortunately, isn’t always available to spend upwards of thirty minutes (dependent on airport class) to control.

Additionally, given that today’s featured region is Australia, controllers will likely focus on airports near there for higher traffic levels. Perhaps, however, someone will take the time and open up for you.

Safe travels!


I appreciate the enlightenment my friend, thanks a bunch.