Hi! I’v got 5 reports on Expert server. And on infinite flight it says I have 5/5 reports 2 years … What is meant by it? Will I be able to fly on Expert Server with the same account again? THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE.

You have to wait 2 years.


You have to wait until your oldest report falls off. It will fall off 2 years after you recieved it.

For example: You recieved it on May 13th in 2017. You need to wait until May 13th 2019 until it falls off.

Once it does and you meet the other requirements for Grade 3, you will be able to access the Expert server.


But, Can i make a new account and fix PRO subscription and get up to grade 3 and play on Expert server?

Theoretically yes but FDS don’t want you to this because you only get reports when you’re not following instructions of the ATC.

Mnah. It’s not that we don’t want it. It’s up to you if you wish to start over.


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