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How many operations do I need to have in order to be able to report players? Can I do that on Training server?

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You can’t report players as atc on ts1.


Hey there!

Reporting players is only an ability available to IFATC. It’s not something we do lightly.

To join IFATC, you have to have 500 operations.


The ability and function to report players is only Available on the expert server. You must be IFATC to access the server to ATC and to have the ability to report other pilots.

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I think someone left you really angry that you just wanted to report him, but that is not possible in training server unfortunately, I would tell you not to be discouraged keep doing the ATC and when you have all the requirements to become an IFATC you can always look for a recruiter

Thank you! Not mad but I have a lotvof questions for those who troll. Why would you even play the game in the first place. Im not saying about bad landings and stuff, but just doing whatever you want and not following ATC instructions. on training servers KLAX, KJFL am EGLL are the most crowded airports and almost nobody cares about ATC, they just take off whenever they want. The guy who is controlling the Approach is often realy bad, directong planes on random runways, with no pattern, and its hard for the Tower to and Ground to guess which Runway is gonna be less crowded. I am usually both Ground and Tower, just because being Tower alone sucks on Training, the Ground usually makes all the planes to taxi to the same runway. I m not judging or something, I don t care how many mistakes you make as long as you want to learn, and I hope that everyone wants that.

Well, Infinite Flight’s age group ranges from around 4 - 99(+)
Those younger pilots are just there to have fun and might’ve “accidentally” used their parents credit card (Why do I sound like a parent now?)
What I’m saying is, not everyone is here for a realistic flight. They might just want to annoy other people or get to cruise as fast as possible.
Just keep practising ATC until you join IFATC where everyone will have respect to the airspace you’re controlling


Hold up, 99+?? That’s crazy are you sure? XD

What’s stopping a 99 year from playing this?

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No of course nothing, it’s just surprising and tbh, pretty cool

Those who do that, even on expert server, don’t feel the pain of wasting money doing this sort of thing because they didn’t buy live. If they bought live themselves it’s human nature that they self-learn the basics of flying and listening to instructions. It’s annoying for me to see these people ruining my IF experience too, that’s why I always fly on expert so that I would see less of such trolls.

We know, Training Server has a lot of you and old (Panthers great great great grandfather) players who simply don’t know the rules. But don’t give up on Training server too quickly. The trick is to stay away from the big obvious airports, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. These get very very busy, and one pilot behaving badly causes pain for many others.

Keep flying and especially keep controlling. I encourage you to check out the IFATC tutorials and do better! 😊


To build on what others have already said, you can always check out tracking threads if you want to hone in on your ATC skills.

An example of this can be found here: @AsternDestroyer's ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED MY PRACTICAL]

You can also check out ATCEG, however I personally recommend a solid knowledge of how to control aircraft in a pattern first. ATCEG can be found here: ATC Education Group - Hiring.


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