ATC reporting users on TS Server

I have been reading few posts regarding this matter. Though I could not find anything to do with ATC controllers having power to report aswell. I mean it’s obvious TS ATC controllers do not have ghost authority over pilots.

How about if misbehaved pilots were reported by 5+ TS controllers; pilots would be demoted to casual. Basically it is same as " Being reported by 3 different people and getting ghosted".

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This is how it used to be done, but some troll players would group up and report random people for no reason.


Thought of that idea too but never knew some users went to that extend.

There’s probably not going to be any user based reporting happening on the training server unless it’s moderators in the future.

The only person that can ghost people on the TS are mods. But it takes numerous ghostings. I know this because when I had opened up with my tracking thread a person decided to use bad language and troll. He ended getting kicked I think.

Are there ever any mods on training? I’ve never seen any

Only when we get lazy and drop down to Grade 2.

You’ll find me shamefully conducting circuits to get my Lancing Count back up on the Casual Server :P


@bcc.123 I requested them for that situation

That’s actually funny because I actually assumed they automatically gave mods grade 5 because whenever I see a mod on expert they’re always grade five. And I’m like, “well there’s no way they have over 200 landings a month or whatever the requirement is, because you guys are always moderating on the community🤷🏻‍♂️“ I thought because y’all worked for IF they gave you instant grade 5 status lol.

200 landing per 90 days.

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