ATC Reporting, looking for user

Hi I was reported today 3/29/20 around 14:00 pst for unfounded and preposterous reason. I cannot find the username of the person so I was hoping for assistance in tracking the person down. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Look for them on the replay @Sparrow

Go to your logbook and you should be able to find it there 🙂

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This may be the key

Go to your logbook, find the name of the controller, then head to the link above and you will find the IFC Username of the controller

As of your trust level, you will not be able to PM your controller, please tell us his IFC name or contact @reports

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MaxSez: Best explanation for a “Pilot Error” this year. The comment is inbound for a 2020 Best!
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^ As much as the comment above isn’t out of the ordinary,

Let’s give the OP a rest and time to reply please.


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