ATC Reported me!

Why this ATC person reported me ?!
From Grade 4 with no violation drop to Grade 2…

This is not my problem, My status bar for Live,Global,API,Weather, User account all green. But I dont hear any ATC calling me, last message was Line up and wait runway 30 at EKCH… im waiting for takeoff clearence but no call and suddenly, this man report me and make me drop to grade 2… pm me because i cant find you.


Contact @itzKeineer by a PM and he’ll be happy to tell you the reason of your report :)

Also @itzKeineer I don’t know how you managed 2 ghosts… may want to sort that out 😂


I´ll PM you, your callsing was AirFrance 1017 maybe?

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From what I´m reading I think it´s a connection issue


yes Airframce 1751

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Correct, topic can be closed :)