Atc reported me

Ok, so I just took off from TNCM on expert and got reported for allegedly not following flight plan. I was following ATIS with a straight out departure, and once outside of the airspace I turned on nav and was turning to TIST. I don’t understand what I did wrong. How do I reach the controller??

Go into your logbook and it will show you who ghosted you. Then send a PM to the appropriate individual to try and resolve the matter.

Is their username in IF the same as in IFC?

If it’s not the same then it’s usually similar. If you’re unsure then you can show us a screenshot of your logbook and myself or someone else will help you to get in touch with the controller.

See this topic for additional advice:


happened to me at TFFR today but different situation but i really didnt understand what i did… seems these ATC controllers are quick to ghost people!

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Heyo the approach controller was @anon66442947 - message him privately about this!
If it wasn’t him the tower controller is @BluePanda900


Yes thank you I will