ATC Reported me but I couldn’t contact them in KJFK

I was flying from London Heathrow to London in a virgin Atlantic 787-9 and when I was like 19 miles away from KJFK to prepare for landing. The ATC told me to contact them but I couldn’t because it only showed KJFK Unicom not the tower. I tried again didn’t work and then the tower again said to Contact I tried but it only showed KJFK Unicom. And then I got reported :( For not being able to communicate really because of a glitch amazing :( 🙁😭strong text

Looks like @LukeD might’ve been your controller. Let me double check with him. Standby please.


Ghosting removed. Restart your app. Hope to pin this tail on the donkey next beta round. Quite annoying, as I’ve had it happen to me as well.


Thank you so much 😊 much appreciation

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You, as a mod, got ghosted? Ok.

Many, many, many years ago and unrelated… yes. Annoying referring to the communication bug.


What is the message that comes with the violation?

It should come with “Unable to contact” or something.

If you’re ghosted for this, it’ll say, “Ghosted - Unable to communicate. Contact Moderator”