ATC reported and I couldn’t do anything because it spinned out of control!

So a couple minutes ago I got reported by atc for incorrect inbound procedure. And I’m kind of sad 😞 because I couldn’t really control the plane because It was going really fast so it started to spin out of control even though I tried to go up and I Tried to slow down but that didn’t help. Is there any way of getting unghosted. 😪🤧😭 here’s some images just to show you it. The plane was like shaking and I just couldn’t control it. It spinned out of control. And I saw this happened to other people and they didn’t get reported.

The question was:

Why were you going so fast? You should be 200-300kts in controller airspace’s.

You could slow down earlier, or just never fly that fast.


The reason was you your not supposed to go that fast in a controlled airspace and thats why it led to the spinout and obviously the ghost


What these said ^^