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Yet another one of these for the mods. Was flying SFO-SMF in a little dash, my comms stopped working. I was tuned into SMF tower but NorCal approach was still coming in, couldn’t fix it. I radiod SMF tower, no response. They said you’re in an active airspace, I kept trying to say I was inbound. I realized my comms wouldn’t work at all, so I made sure nobody was in front of me, behind me, and nobody was even on the active airport until I had touched down. He reported me for entering an active runway, I get it, I did. But there’s nothing I could’ve done to communicate to anybody. Pics below. I even changed my name to “7600” to show my radio wasn’t working, but I guess that didn’t update for them. Just looking for a reverse on this if I can, I don’t want any reports and there’s nothing I could’ve done. I made sure I was in nobody’s way. Thanks.

Name: IG ktaviation
Callsign: 7600



And no I didn’t catch the ATC’s name. Forgot to do that. But he’s still running KSMF tower I assume, but I got demoted to grade 2 so I cannot check.

Go to your logbook and click on “report” to see who reported you. When you find the controller, PM the controller.

Controller is @Flyscot.

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Yup. @Flyscot

Dm me the now am get it sorted

I changed my callsign to 7600. But for him when he said active airspace it still showed Skywest. So I don’t think it would’ve changed much. I’ll pm him now.

Yeah I know, but the procedure that they have is for you to change your callsign to NORDO as when a controller sees this, they will know that you can’t communicate and will try and work around you.

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But would he have seen NORDO if he couldn’t see 7600?? That’s my point aha. Didn’t register the change for him by the looks, cause I assume if his messages didn’t change to 7600 he couldn’t see it

Continue with @Flyscot
Thanks for the help everyone :)