Atc report me for doing nothing wrong

Atc just reported me at Memphis the approach atc said enter straight in runway 18c I did so then I switched to tower and he said clear to land runway 18c then he said im assigned with the rong runway and ghosts me I think this is ridiculous how easy you can get ghosted

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Do you know who your controller was?

Hey there! Can you go to your logbook to see who was the controller?

Welcome to the community @Shamrock_1_heavy! I think you should contact your atc for this (it was prolly recorded in your logbook)

Please check your logbook to see who was the controller. Then, message the controller about what happened.

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Hey, please contact @mwe2187 as he is the current controller at Memphis. Or if you can’t contact him, he will contact you when he has finished his session.

Yes his name is mwe2187

The controller has been notified and will contact you shortly

They are a TL0. They can’t PM people.

Thanks for the help ppl

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Hi @Shamrock_1_heavy - ive sent you a PM


Handled via PM