ATC Report Button on Playground - how to get the required Controller Rating?


I am freddyexpress, and currently training as a ATC Controller on Playground.

Today I ran into a real problem which rages me off pretty much… I was tower at KNUC on Playground, and as I told the first plane in line that it should line up on the runway around 5 other players which were NOT first in line started to enter the runway without permission and began to takeoff (without permission too). So I told them that they were not clear to enter the runwany and/or takeoff and that they should read the help pages… After the takeoff they started to fly like crazy around the ariport… And landed without permission at the wrong runway while other aircrafts were permitted to land on the right site of the runway…

They also totally ignored my Broadcasts like: Please only request for takeoff when 1st in line
or my messages that they should stop sending duplicate messages (they were spamming…)

My problem is: I can’t report them because of “Too low controller rating” which makes me sad… those guys destroy the hole sim for the other players.

I would love to see an improvement there somehow…

have a nice flight, Freddy. :-)


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I read that sorry, but I wanted to give another report that this button is really confusing and should be changed :-)

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