ATC Report at KSFO by Matt777

I just got reported by IFATC (Matt777) for entering the runway without permission.I was allowed to cross Runway 1L at KSFO but due to crossing the runway at a higher speed I also crossed Runway 1R by mistake at KSFO because I thought that the permission of crossing Runway 1L was enough and didn’t know that we also had to ask for the permission to cross Runway 1R
It is requested to the Honorable IFATC Matt777 to kindly remove my report because it was an unintentional mistake.I’ve realized my mistake and I have exams from Friday and would be away from IF for a month and as I only fly on expert,kindly forgive me for the mistake as I would keep these procedures in mind for the next time


My Flight Number was AIR CHINA (CA986) , and my account’s name is RR Aviation.
It is requested to kindly remove my report so that I can fly again for the next 5 days

Controller is @Matt777

He has been tagged in this thread. If you can’t contact him, he will send you a direct message when he’s free.

Thanks for being proactive and providing all the info.


I’m extremely thankful for your help


Crossing runways without permission ain’t more acceptable. Good luck with your appeal. To enter runway u should have intentions which should be announced on unicom or should get clearance if there’s active frequency. There’s no follow through rule neither in RL nor in IF. It’s up to controller however good luck.

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I was also reported for landing without permission, but I was given permission. What I did was message Matt777, and explain to him what happened. I have the proof in replays, so I’m just waiting for him to respond. He probably won’t respond for a little seeing that he is controlling an airspace at the moment.

I was actually allowed to cross Runway 1L after requesting for it but I assumed by mistake that it meant that I can cross both the runways so didn’t ask the Honorable ATC to allow me to cross 1R as I was confused due to the parellel runways. Also was a little scared that if I ask to cross Runway1R,it might be an unnecessary message that can lead to a report or ghosting

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No need to discuss further. Your initial inquiry points out the mistake and ownership of it. If you’re not aware that you need a clearance for each runway you cross then you need a few days to refresh on this and practice. I’ll advise that @Matt777 not engage further.

Your expert server access will be restored 7 days from the report time. Slow it down! 🙂