ATC Replying Error

Hey, This happned to me for the first time. When ATC instructed me to turn left heading 010, the reply was turn left heading 030. It happned only at that particular time. After that it was back to normal.

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That’s strange. It looks like you were already at a heading of 010. Could that have anything to do with it?

(this maybe should be in support)
I find it strange that ATC gave you the instructions at 11:59, but you replied at 11:56…

i guess its one of those known bug. atc actually gave you turn to heading 030. but it just came as left instead of right. I’ve a post for it myself earlier on

can you confirm whether or not you changed headings after the atc occurrence?

U should try the following if u landed already
-Restart Device
-Reinstall app
-Check settings
-Clear Cache

What iOS version u have
What device
Srry gtg now I’ll help later

This is not a reverse instruction as some people might receive sometimes.

It’s just the wrong heading.


That won’t help and have nothing to do with this.


Yes, I did change the reading to 010 after being instructed to, but clearly I replied only after the ATC instructed heading 010. And yes @racerclc that is strange as again, I only replied after being instructed to and that’s the only to to reply.

@Xpira no I’m sure it’s nothing to do about that.

I think this is just a small bug kinna issue.

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I do know there is another user that is having issues with ATC but it’s different
The user can only say Unable instead if the command that tells ATC the pilot is executing the command

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