ATC Replay Guide

You access your replays from the main menu.

  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Press on “Replays”

  1. Select the replay you wish to view
  2. Press “Replay”

  1. ATC Log - press on the message to go to it in the timeline.
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Backwards 15 seconds
  4. Forward 15 seconds
  5. Screenshot
  6. Show/Hide radar
  7. Change camera views
  8. App menu
  9. Timeline - Orange lines are warnings given. Red lines are reports.
  10. Radar. Zoom like normal. Press on a pilot to bring up a menu to filter and show details for pilots.

More Information

Replay as a pilot: Pilot Replay Guide
How to import/export replays: How to manage your replays