ATC repeating messages often

I am curious what I am supposed to do when SoCal Approach ATC repeats messages to me 5 times a minute. I did answer them with requests but they continued to ask me to contact them frequently and no response to my request.

Was this on Expert or TS1?

I tried TS1 for a while. It never happens on expert.

What do you mean by that?

yeah this is what happens on ts1 atc is not certified and could have no idea what they are doing.

fly on expert if you want realistic atc experience or wait to somone on the fourm says they are doing atc on ts1

It can best be assumed it was on TS1 since Expert controllers don’t spam. If they are you’ll need let someone who controls on that server know so they can be dealt with.

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TS1 is full of troll controllers, people just say things to push your buttons.

Requesting approach and change in altitude for landing.

I’m starting to move to expert. I’m off and on with it.

I understand now. It’s ts1 can’t expect much. Just come on expert! People complain there aren’t enough people so they go a way. If every good pilot came to expert it would be even better than now and full of people.

(Used the word people too many times did I?)