Atc regions

Quick question. Infinite flight have put out the ATC schedule for the whole month will the other airports featured each day have atc throughout the whole day?

Apart from the featured airports, ATCs are free to choose whichever airports they want to control in their assigned region.

Ok great thanks

This is not currently 100% correct. The schedule was created so that people flying longer flights could almost guarantee ATC coverage at their destination airport. I think that it is a great change. This change has removed regions from IFATC entirely. We are allowed to open any airport around the whole world as there are no longer region assignments, except on Friday night flights. The only restrictions that apply are rank restrictions (ATC apprentices may not open Class B airports) and time restrictions (Minimum 30 mins for a class D or C and minimum 1 hour for a class B). Most often, though, controllers will stick to the schedule or planned events to ensure that they have traffic at their airport! At the end of the day, though, not all the features airports will have ATC because of this freedom to open wherever.


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