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I have another question about ATC regions. So with this will controllers be enforced to control let’s say in every state? ( Kind of hoping Atlanta get’s some action. )


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They won’t be forced to control anywhere but their region and Official IF events. I know for a fact that KATL will be controlled often :)

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Hey there! I hope I could clear the air a little on this matter, as an IFATC member.

The region controlling system works such that each controller chooses a region to control in. This means that throughout the week, they’d be allowed only to open airports in the region. The only exception to this is for Tuesdays, where controllers are free to control anywhere they wish, as well as community officiated events such as FNF, Flash Flights and the likes.

We controllers won’t be forced to control in every state, though the goal with regional controlling is that airport coverage is as widespread as is possible.


Controllers can open any airport in the region they applied for. So someone could control KJFK, then control KEYW on the same day. That’s an example for the Us-East region.


With the new region system I expect IFATCs to mostly open hub airports, as that’s where the most action is expected to be. As far as I can see, Atlanta only has KATL as large ‘hub-ish’ airport, and who’s gonna fly there if the chance that upon arrival it will be unstaffed is very high. And which controller is going to open this airport, if the chance that anyone flies there, is slim.

Quite sad, really…


The airports with 3D buildings will probably get more attention at first given the novelty. I hope that changes at some point and folks venture out to other quality airports with unique approaches and procedures.

Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport has a great approach through terrain.

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Don’t worry, I’ll regularly be at KATL 😉

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This is the fatal flaw in the new idea that “ATC will now follow the pilots…”


I’ve seen a lot of airports that would normally never see ATC service get staffed in IF since the introduction of the new region system :) especially in the Caribbean and central America.


Sure, I agree that there’s potential and I’m definitely reserving judgment for now…

The key concern I have is about planning for flights using ATC services with a fair expectation that they will be active over a certain time period.

I am a short haul person, so under the old system I could fairly quickly plan a flight within the daily ATC area, because as well as the hub there were 1 or 2 other key airports open within the same country, or adjacent country. I could do a hop to the hub and later come back for the return flight.

It remains to be seen whether this sort of approach will be possible under the new system…I’m a bit worried that I see a number of regions empty, and the big two with only 1 or 2 key airports open, and they are often a long way apart…

Under the region-based Expert Sever ATC tracking threads in the #atc category, controllers usually post how long they’re going to be active for, at a particular airport.

I’ll take a look, thanks… Its been great to see the “IFATC Takeover…” threads… They did Italy and Switzerland recently. That is a good positive thing, its just that they only occur for a couple of hours…

I’ve made a request for the forum to be updated with a new sub-category to make searching for these tracking threads easier.

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