ATC recruitment

I saw a post a while ago that said that ATC recruitment was on hold does anyone know if they are taking new applicants yet?


I believe so. Josh made a post about training over the holidays and claimed that ATC Recruiting began again on the 2nd. Training, however is a different story. They have had too many applications and have had to put the program on hold. They might’ve started up again but I wouldn’t know.

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I believe that IFATC training was paused over the holidays, I believe the training team is up and running as well as IFATC recruiting. Check out the topics below, remember you can choose to do IFATC training anytime in the IFATC recruitment process.

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I know it was closed 9 days ago but might be back up again, here is a pm I got from Tyler 9 days ago saying it was closed.

Ok thank you everyone!