ATC recruiter

I have contacted an ATC recruiter a week ago hoping to take the written for IFATC so then I can get some ATC training but I have not heard from him. I contacted Declan_O. but I have not heard from him

and reading someone else post they told someone to give a week and if you do not hear from them ask around for help

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Recruiters have lives, too. Be patient. If needed, bump the DM.

Did you provide him with all the information needed to proceed with the process?


I know that someone said to someone else give it a week and then ask for help

yes I did provide him with my sreenshot of operations, display name and callsign (at the time), age, and level of experience

@Declan someone wants you

No need to tag here. Just send a polite reply to the existing PM.

Well hes probably sleeping right now lol

I wouldn’t recommend contacting Declan, since he lives in Australia, and you live in California. The time zone difference may not work the best for you.

Once again, I’d give him some time, as the quarantine has brought a lot of new applicants.

I wish you luck with the application process!

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Again, send the recruiter a friendly reminder. If the time zone is not appropriate they will hand you off to someone else. Please do not message multiple recruiters.

Yep because there are many different places that the atc trainers live so time zones will be different so just give him time :)

i also applied a little while ago, still waiting on a response. probably because there’s a lot of applicants now that everyone’s stuck at home


I sent it here because on another thread I heard that if after a week if There’s no response Then ask around so I was asking around.

Anyways I have been contacted by him so all good you can close :)