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Hey everyone!

I noticed that the controller that is controlling ATIS at RCTP, picked a STAR that is only for runway 05L and 05R. When the runways that they are using is runway 23L and 23R. And my other question goes to IFATC members. Can we use a different STAR that isn’t recommended?


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When the runway changes, they will update the preferred STARs on the ATIS.


Recommended means Recommended. It’s then up to the controller to approve or deny your STAR request.

As for the STARs not being updated for the runway switch… Standby on that - it’s being looked into/fixed


Hey, I was making the ATIS in RCTP, when I was updating the ATIS I misclicked the ATIS, instead of GRAC1B I actually clicked on GRAC1A, sorry about that

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It’s ok! No worries!

Would the DRAK1B STAR work at RCTP?

I am not the controller anymore but I don’t think it would, this one is not one of the recommended STAR’s

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Ok got it! Thank you!

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