Atc reccomending airports to divert too

Im sure that we have all had this panic (i know i have). Im inbound for landing, in an airport ive never been too, in a place ive never been to in IF, and then atc tell me to divert to a more sutible airport. What do you do? I sure didnt know what do. I was told that the airport was not accepting incoming traffic (i cant really remeber where it was now) so i had to divert. Now imagine if there was a way, for atc to tell u some sutible places to divert too. Lets just take EGLL for example. You contact approach, and you request rw09r. They tell u EGLL is not accepting incoming airplanes, and then they say this: reccomended divert airports: EHAM, EGCC, EGKK. I think that it would be good!

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Actually, ATC will only say the word “divert” if you are on emergency fuel so… just land anywhere with a long enough runway.

This is a duplicate with fairly recent activity. Always try to search deeply before posting.

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