ATC real communication system

I’m not sure if anyone came up with this idea yet but I thought it would be cool for a server based on real voices and real time transmissions. Here’s some further details about idea

  • This server would allow ATC and controllers to communicate with their actual voices! This system would allow ATC to be more efficient and easier. It would add a new level of realism to this sim! In addition to realism, it would allow people to practice on communication if they are currently training for any ratings!

Requirement Ideas

  • Must be IFATC to control.
  • Must past a test to show the minimal knowledge with using real communication
  • Must speak English (like real world)
  • Grade 3 and above to enter server (while also passing test)
    If you have any ideas to add on this please share! Anyways, let me know what you guys think of this topic!

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