ATC Ratings Indicator

There are ways today for pilots to be ghosted and penalized for breaking rules or simply flying without consideration for others, be it towards other pilots or ATCs.

This made me wonder how ATCs themselves are monitored. Are they interested at all about how other pilots rate their service? Or do some rest on their laurels once they achieve the certification? Can pilots also give their feedback (through positive clicks) in a way that can be reflected by a special ATC grade as opposed to their Pilot grade? I do not think the genral ranking system is a measure of an ATC’s skills. Or do we all just assume that because they operate in Expert they are all equal and good? And those in TS1 and Casual can be all of the above?

Would like to see this new rating next to their call signs in a way that gives confidence to pilots that they are dealing with someone who is viewed positively by the community and has lots of experience. Keeps ATCs continuously service minded as they do have alot of power over pilots. In fact it would be similar to an Ebay seller rating.

Pilots on the other hand will be encouraged to fly well by avoiding penalties, ghostings and climbing the ranks.

Curious to hear what others think


Is this a request you’d like to see in the sim?

We as ATC on the Expert server are tested and monitored all the time by the ATC moderators. Having pilots rate controllers is something i never want to see, as many think ATC are doing something wrong just because the pilot didn’t get his or her way. We’ve all seen pilots complain about random stuff just because they didn’t know the proper procedures.


yes, probably belongs under a different category then. my bad

What server are you talking about?

This actually used to be a thing. ATCs on Expert would be given a rating based on service. The concept was quickly removed after conception since pilots were giving controllers a one star rating because they were too impatient to wait. Either that, or they wanted to spite the controller or give them those ratings just because.

It was a bad idea and will never return. People abused the system. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Seb covered the rest. Trust me when I say that our system of moderators and trainers keep our controllers in check and ensure that they’re following proper procedures. Any issues are dealt with swiftly and fairly.


As an IFATC, I’ve had enough experience with people messaging me on the forums to filter out constructive feedback and compliments from the trolls who are impatient.

That being said, I would like this “feature”.

EDIT: I have been enlightened by my fellow IFATC, I changed my mind

No, you won’t. It was utter $&@! two and a half years ago when ATC came out. Stupidity at its finest.


I think it should be across all of them. At the end of the day its a rolling community poll where all ATCs (throughout their IF career) are collecting “likes” that translates to points which then maps to a community rating. Its all about pilots having a say about good ATCs. If pilots are unhappy they do not generate any negative points towards one ATC ranking.

Yes, but some of those pilots on the Training Server are trolls who just mess around and don’t know what they’re doing. They give a controller trying to handle it all a bad rating, and they get an undeserved false rating. This is what’s unfortunate about the training servers. There are actual pilots and controllers who try to take things seriously and have an enjoyable experience, but there’s always that one person who likes to screw it up.

If this was the case, i would think this concept to be pretty cool.

If the service was great an upvote might boost confidence. While it might be a positive addition. It is seemingly plausible to abuse to gain upvote too.

Some people would do anything for easy ‘level ups’ if you get what i mean.

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This is still in the wrong category, and Josh already addressed this:

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As Crashy McCrashface said (Josh), we did used to have this, quite a while ago now in fact. It turned out to be more of a hinderance than a help.

I can assure you that the IFATC group are constantly regulated and moderated internally, and you’re always welcome to give feedback direct to them. If you have a more serious issue at any time, feel free to contact one of the ATC moderators who will be happy to help.