ATC Rating?

I was just wondering what is the ATC rating because I can’t find anything on it like I know it lets you Report and ghost people so yea please awnser me thx.


The ability to rate ATC was removed because people rated ATC bad because they had to hold or wait in line for long.


If you mean the message “controller rating too low to report” then that is shown to everyone who controls on the PG server. Ghosting options would be shown under this menu to advanced server controllers.

It should be added where ATC on playground can report people however people that don’t know how to control properly may abuse the feature

@Chatta290 What if it requires at least one or two pilots, and one controller to report a user? It might be better.

Yes it would be but many people in the playground server don’t tend to report player maybe if you are Grade 4 and above you cam ghost people for Five minutes as Grade 4’s aren’t likely to mess about.

Since you said please… :)

The ATC rating system was taken down sometime last year, since players would use this feature incorrectly it didn’t give the team a proper idea of the ATC skills.

Now we have a new system of exams: ATC recruiting.

Giving PG controllers the ability to ghost is a really bad idea… Especially when ATC don’t always know what’s the right procedure, and ghosting pilots when actually the pilots were right…


Yes this is a problem, do you know if advanced ATC can report players on Playground. I think playground should be enforced as its a training ground and if you do something wrong then you get a warning telling you by the ATC what you did wrong or maybe you get five warnings but it’s hard to learn anything in PG when they don’t check the help pages on what things means ever the basics like line up and wait- that can be very annoying haha

No they can’t. Unless they want to go back to exclusively controlling on the playground.

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You can report as an ATC. Press ‘Report user’ and a message saying ‘controller rating to low to report’ will show. If you click this you will report a player (and only 2 more reports = ghost). There won’t be a confirmation message but it does work :)


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