ATC rank issues

So I know all the stuff with ATC Ranks etc, but now all of a sudden I am an observer, I could always control the ATC on the training server. Now I cant’t, why is it that I am an observer all of a sudden?

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I believe ‘Observer’ is the rank given to all non-IFATC members.

You should still be able to control on the Training Server as an ‘Observer’. Are you sure that the Training Server is selected?

You also need to have the required Grade to access the server. Training Server requires that you be at least Grade 2, so maybe that is the issue.


Hello there. For now you don’t need to worry about ranks in ATC. As @sam2875 said, those ranks are for IFATC Members. Meantime, scince you’re not part of it, it will appear as “observer” when you go to ATC.

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When you want to control an airport and someone chose the same airport just before you, you also log in to the atc screen you want to control but are only able to see the airport and surroundings but unable to control.
I suggest to try an other remote airport to try if you can control over there but I guess you will😉

Hope this helps.

Cheers Stef

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