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Just a quick question.
So let’s just say you’ve taken of, and tower approves a frequency change, but only approach is active and not approach, do you still check in with the approach controller or do you continue on no frequency?

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If tower hands you off to approach simply check in to follow your flight plan and climb to cruise on approach frequency.

If you just get a freq change approved the then tune out and continue your flight with no ATC.


Oh okay, thanks for that!

No problem, any other questions then feel free to Message me or check out the many great tutorials available on the forum.


And then when approach tells you to change frequency, don’t tune back to tower (from the airport you departed) when you aren’t flying in. It has happened to me a decent amount of time.

If approach is active but no tower frequency is active at that airport (this is unlikely on expert), ensure you state your intentions on the Unicom frequency, after being given a frequency change approved, so other pilots know what you are doing.

Okay, so this is how it works. When we open tower with only approach open, we will liaise with the approach controller whether they departing aircrafts.

Sometimes, if the frequency is busy, the approach might not want them so after tower says “frequency changed approved” go ahead and tune out of tower frequency and contact no other frequency until you are at your destination unless you’ll have to transit. I’ve linked on transitions below in case you do not know them.

Please do not contact Approach if you were not told to contact them or any frequency for that matter. Ive seen numerous pilots tune in into approach when told not to and get a "check forums for assistance using ATC instructions.

However, if you were told to, then just tune into the frequency and stay on that until told by approach/departure with “frequency changed approved” and you may continue to your destination.



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