ATC Radar time-lapse @ RKSI using point-merge technique


Server: Expert
Air Traffic controller (Approach)
1h 30m session


Hello, wanted to share this time lapse of me doing approach by using this amazing method suggested by @CptJu,
I requested to tower (@Edoardo_C) to put some STARs as required to get pilots following a specific path,

So they had to flown into these 2 cones depending on their arriving direction, and once I found a spot where to insert their plane I would have turned them into the final approach.

Hope you like the video.


Watching that made my anxiety go 📈

Nicely done! It looks like it was very organized and well planned.

Never heard that strategy before, seems like an effective one! Great time-lapse too!

Thank you.

Yes it is when traffic comes from 2 separate directions.

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Beautiful work Davide! @CPTJu is going to love this, haha.

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Always great to be in your airspace Davide! You have knack for controlling!

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Great timelapse, Davide! Nicely done. 💪👏


Thank you Ju. ;)

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Amazing technique, it was a pleasure working with you, Davide!

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Wow, looks amazing. Good job! 😎

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Looks satisfying!! But If I feel this is so stressful

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Haha no, I didn’t find it stressful at all, just better.


Well, maybe I find it stressful because I have no idea to control 10297310 planes at the same time :D

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What a sweet timelapse! The point-merge is one of my favorites IFATC use because it makes it simple for the tower controller and the pilot! Excellent work Davide! It is always an honor to fly into your airspace.

Haha thanks :)

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Both AZVA controllers ;)

Hope to see this kind of action next time Italy is featured

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