ATC Radar problem

I was just doing an ATC training with @Trio, but the radar was off a bit, causing confusion. To add to that, T-ANK was oriented correctly on the radar.

(T-ANK being correctly shown on the radar but N8JH wasn’t)image

(Another pic of N8JH being off the runway although he was on)image

(N811 landing off the runway on my screen)

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I was T-ANK, I had the same problem as you had with others being off the runway.

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Good to know. Might be a problem with the airport. Weird how you were correctly placed on my radar while everyone else wasn’t. Maybe some server thing happened.

The only thing in my mind is that this could be a beta-related issue. The airport may not be as it is now in the next update, and those going “off the runway” are testers flying on an improved layout.

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Pretty much what Nate said. Beta testers are running a different version than what the rest of you folks are running. You may see strange occurrences such as aircraft landing off the runway, taxiing, parking, and everything in-between.

Keep in mind if you’re not in beta and you try this, as you’ll likely end up with a few groundspeed violations.