ATC Radar Inbound and Outbound Color Code for easier traffic management

Hey IFC,

I have an idea in my mind for some time and I wanted to share with y’all.
As a Radar Controller Airspace can get really fuzzy and maintaining oversight can get really tricky. Especially if you are using multiple Frequencies simultaneously (e.g. Approach / Departure) switching between both tabs can get really time consuming and distractive. Therefore I mostly use one Frequency serving Inbounds and Outbounds the same time.
This is where my idea blends in: Color Coding for inbound and outbound traffic, making it easier to differentiate which plane needs a certain service.

I created some mockups, making it easier to understand what I’m talking about:

^ Close to what we already have. A disadvantage could be color disability of some users.

^ Thats why I was thinking of a solution that combines both, color and copy.

^ Lastly, that’s a result out of a quick chat I had with @Tyler_Shelton. It’s close to what a real life Radar Controller sees on his tools.

Why is it beneficial:

  • Less clicks between Tabs on multiple frequencies (App/Dep)
  • Less clicks by selecting the Airplanes in order to get more flight plan details
  • Easier to manage your Airspace in peak times

Please share your thoughts with me and feel free to add additional ideas.
If you like, leave a vote :)

Thanks for reading.


This is a great idea i will support this


Great idea, you have my vote!


This is a great idea, voted!


Nice idea :) voted


Starting radar training this week, this will be really nice in a crowed airspace


We absolutely need this, Voted!


Thank you so much guys!

It’s a really good idea especially for me I’m currently using a phone to control radar and it’s tricky to remember every pilot.
I’ll definitely support the idea.

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I had been contemplating about this idea too since a few days! Glad you put it out in the feature requests! You got my vote!

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This is a super cool idea!

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I love the idea, you got my vote

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Thank you all for your support 🤙🏻

I would love to see this.

Unfortunately I’m out of votes so I can’t add to the tally but you can have a virtual vote from me for now :)

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Just cleared a vote for this! I’m not an IFATC Officer, but I definitely understand how this might clear things up and make a radar session simpler.

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Nice, I really appreciate. Even more as I know that you won’t get a direct use out of it.

That’s really cool you got my vote

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29 votes are good, but I’m not sure if it will convince Laura and Tyler. Maybe someone else finds this idea useful?
Thx to all supporters ✌🏻

Voted ! Perfect to make it an even number!

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Devs listened to my request. This can be closed. Thx for implementing and making controllers life easier. Can’t wait for it.