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Hey guys,
How great of an idea would it be if we had an ATC queue, and form a nice, orderly line. This would be on either or both of the servers, and would help provide equal opportunity to control, as well as prevent gaps in ATC coverage.
Let me know what you think,

What do you mean by this? Please go into more detail.

Not really a queue, as there’s no estimate time for when the current controller would leave. And it could be hours before and someone could be waiting for hours. and IFATC have their own slack i think and they know when an airport is open and closed and such. They also voluntarily give up their time to provide expert with amazing atc. And for training while people can do atc somewhere and constantly check the board and when the spot they wants opens up they can take it… So

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Like a virtual line, in which you are given a spot before you control. Kind of like when you call customer service, and the answering machine is like, “no available representatives. You are 3rd in the caller queue. We will be with you shortly”

This is where it’s an issue. It’s a know rule that there is no reserving airports in IFATC. This eliminates the ability to be flexible.


Ah, interesting. I’d like to see IFATC opinion on this.

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Ok maybe you’re right about the expert server , however on training it can be annoying to constantly refresh hoping to get an airport you want. Or what will happen is a spot will apear open and two people will go for it at the same time. This would eliminate this too.I

Maybe just training server?

I don’t think this should be implemented for expert. We try to encourage people to open featured fields that aren’t being controlled, rather then all sit around and wait to takeover for the main hub (even though it’s still done from time to time unfortunately). If you take a look at what it was ATC Choice in the US, you’ll see that at some points we had 15+ airfields open simultaneously… we prefer to have this instead of 5 controllers sitting around waiting to take the same airport.

We give plenty of advance notice when we need to close, that way someone can take the frequency seamlessly if they’re available.


The thing is, there’s no way to control how long someone will be open on TS. As IFATC, we have certain minimum time limits that we have to control for, but there is no such policy on TS. Therefore, you can’t guarantee that your airport will even be open.

Even if you request a spot in the “queue” when the controller opens, any number of things might cause them to close suddenly (i.e. an emergency or something else that takes them away from their device). It’s just too unpredictable.

Now how would you feel if this were on training?

The 180 second time rule would stay in effect. Plus there are definitely some people who will stay on for 3 hours at a time. However there are also times where someone might only be on for 10 minutes. Plus if it does take a while, the person is still allowed to leave the queue. They aren’t forced to control

I see some flaws, but overall a good idea. Maybe you could get a notification saying “EGLL Tower is available!”

I don’t really have an opinion on it but it seems like it could work out if done correctly.

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YOU’RE RIGHT! Infinite flight should use the notification system for that! Genius


Is Atc for sale?

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not, but no.

Yes for 100 Billion Dollars

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Umm what??