ATC Questions

I have just started doing ATC in the training server and I have a few questions regarding ATC.

  1. What does ‘Send on-guard warning’ mean?

  2. If I am centre when do I tell people to change frequency if they are approaching an airport?

  3. Do pilots need to ask for every altitude change they do?

  4. How would I do a GPS and Visual approach?

Your best bet would be to go through the ATC manual :) The manual will answer any questions you may have.

I’ll link it for you!

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Send On guard warning
just tells the pilot to contact you

You tell the pilot to change to approach at 18,000ft

Nope! they can just follow there STAR

Vis Approach

GPS approach

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This would alert the pilot that they’re in your airspace and instruct them to tune to your frequency.

Approach’s airspace begins 50NM out at FL180, it’s best to hand off slightly before they’re in their airspace.

When pilot’s check in into your frequency, responding with ‘radar contact’ would allow them to fly their published altitude. Same goes for when they request descent via a STAR.

This has been very efficiently described in section 6.9 and section 6.12 respectively in our ATC manual :)


A visual approach is the most basic approach, and done in conditions that are appropriate for VFR.

Say you hop in a C172 for flight school training, and it’s a nice and sunny day out. Your instructor takes you round the patch a few times for touch-n-goes. What you’re doing is a visual approach, because you can see the runway, with no aid from instrument systems.

I’m on the tail end of an overnighter from LAX to EFHK, and I’ll be performing a visual approach for runway 22R at EFHK. This means I’m using my eyes to keep myself aligned with the runway, to make as smooth a landing as possible.

Sending an on-guard is letting a pilot who may be flying through your airspace know that the approach/departure/tower frequency is being actively monitored and that they need to say their intentions. In the update that implemented the tilted gear B772, they also added an ‘Active’ or Away’ indicator. If the indicator says ‘Away’, ATC isn’t supposed to radio the pilot, because they won’t be able to respond immediately.


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