ATC questions

I’m studying ATC to apply for IFATC. Today I went to expert server and did some pattern flights to see how it’s done. After that I got some questions.

Q1. When do we use ‘after the option make ~ traffic’?
During my touch&go flight, TWR just said ‘RWY~, cleared for the option’ to me.
But to the other flight doing touch&go on the other RWY, TWR said ‘RWY~, cleared for the option, after the option, make ~ traffic’.

Is there any difference??

Q2. So as I said above… I couldn’t get any info about which way I should go after touch&go. So after I took off, I did inbound report for touch&go. Is this correct?? Does pilot have to do inbound report for touch&go after airborne??

Q3. I did touch&go about two times and was on upwind. TWR told me ‘exit RWY and contact GND’. I was bit confused. Does this mean I have to quit touch&go and either depart or make a full stop??

I’d appreciate all answers or tips. Thank you!!!

Hi! You do this when this is someone’s first touch and go on the runway after switching to the runway or calling inbound, or when you plan to change the direction of traffic they’re making.

No, you do not need to call inbound for touch and go everytime you do a touch and go.

No. This is a wrong command by the tower, they are not supposed to give any exit commands in air.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

-IFATC Trainer


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