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image I was recently operating as ATC and I noticed that the planes communicating with me were no longer highlighted in the orange they used to be. I do not no if this is just on my phone or if it’s something new however I found that I makes it more difficult to manage the airports I control, I have found that there are more delays because I have to rely on the radar to see who I communicating with me because they are no longer highlighted in orange when I’m free looking around the airport. It would make a substantial difference at keeping the airport flowing smoothly if the orange highlights were reincorporated. /The plane in the picture is highlighted in orange due to it communicating with atc I no longer see that highlight as mentioned above/

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I’m fairly sure airplanes still flash orange when communicating. Are you listening for the verbal command, and then looking for an orange flash when you hear it?


I’ve have been looking at the planes communicating with me and I’ve not seen the orange I have deleted the app and reinstalled it but the problem still occurs I have a iPhone 5s

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It’s best to use the map to control and use the cameras as a secondary way of checking where aircraft are in relation to the taxiways or other aircraft. The camera should not be the primary way to locate aircraft.

The aircraft’s aircraft tag above the aircraft will flash when you audibly hear the command, not when the command is actually sent, so there will almost always be a delay unless traffic is low. That function is still there though.


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I agree normally I use the radar but when traffic is slow I use the Camara a good use of the camera is to tell how far apart planes are especially when planes are grouped close together on the radar. But recently I’ve been unable to tell what planes have been communicating with me unless I go back to the radar screen. I believe a recent update is the cause of this problem I can see the orange highlight when the planes planes have a box around them but when they don’t have a box their is no highlight /highlight and no highlight/

The box is just the location of the middle aircraft. So when the aircraft renders it will show the actual aircraft, when it doesn’t render it will be a box, if you have that setting on. I don’t use the aircraft boxes all too often, so I’m just going to leave this to someone else. :)

I think the issue here is the verbal command. Like @Trio said, the aircraft flashes based upon the verbal command, not time when you actually send it, so that might be why you’re not seeing anything. It’s still flashing, it’s just delayed a little.

I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you have regulate the ATC voice sound to mutate like in the bellow ?

If yes, the instructed plane won’t flash in orange when ATC sayed a instruction to the plane.

I’m not sure I’ll make sure to check it out thanks for the tip!

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