ATC Questions

Hello IFC,
These questions are directed to IFATC as i am learning to become an IFATC, however if you are 100% sure of your answer feel free to post :)

Alright, so, i have two questions, as a pilot, if you are on final to an airport and ATC comes online, what is the most correct command to use in that situation?

And as ATC, in the same situation, what would you do if the pilot just landed without calling inbound/final (whatever is the answer for above), would this be a ghost?

Appreciate your answers.

When IFATC first logs on, Pilots on short final should be left alone. If they tune in, great. If not, let them be.

If you’re a pilot, the option is up to you.

These pilots should not be ghosted for landing. However, the same rules as would apply to Unicom do apply, so that if they land with traffic still on the runway, they can be ghosted. Not for not receiving clearance, but for landing with traffic still on the runway.

This is also true of a pilot taking off as you sign in. If they’ve already announced takeoff on unicom and are in the process of takeoff, let them be.

If a pilot has taxied to the opposite end of the runway from what you will be using, also allow them to get out in that direction so long as they are not taking off into head-on traffic.

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Not always because sometimes the pilot isn’t tuned into your frequency so you cant tell them anything

The answer I gave is correct for IFATC. Please don’t clutter it up.


Ghosts are always a last resort and should only be used when it interferes with other pilots

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Thank you for your answer @Tim_B and @Brad it’s a small question but i have wondered that since i first played Multiplayer.

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